On a wet day in London, Cotton Tree members met at the wonderful Studio Upstairs in Dalston to delve into the art of painting.

Hosted by artist and teacher Katie Sollohub, the workshop was a great opportunity to let the subconscious loose. Each participant was given a blank paper, a collection of small and large paintbrushes and a pallet of primary colours. Although many people had never painted before, they were quick to put paintbrush to paper and explore the possibilities of colour.

With bold strokes of red and blue, and softer splashes of pink and purple, many were surprised to see the beautiful works of art they had created. Most people were very sure about what their paintings meant, and spoke of the enjoyment of creating something and being open. 

The day was a great opportunity to use the medium of art as a storytelling tool, letting the colours and brush strokes do the talking for a change.

The painting workshop is part of the ongoing storytelling project led by the heal & grow branch of Cotton Tree, which uses talking, photography, clay and a host of mediums to unlock the stories deep within ourselves. Together we build trust and nurture hope.

This painting is a landscape which represents my soul in peace and hope despite darkness from…

Life leads in many directions. In the end all roads bring you back to God.

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