The Heal & Grow group

How can we help each other? How do we want to use this space together? What are our boundaries?

Facilitated by Michael Mugishangyezi, a former asylum seeker, with trustee Ruth Cigman, the Heal & Grow group meets weekly in a spirit of listening and sharing. It is a space for friendship and reflection on the asylum seeker/refugee experience. The group created this statement about the values that bind them.

We value:

·       love (belonging, cherishing, tolerance)

·       kindness (“how can I help?”)

·       respect (even when we disagree)

·       confidentiality (privacy, discretion on digital media)

·       trust

·       humility

We don’t value:

·       disturbing videos and images on WhatsApp

·       abusive language

·       appeals for extra food vouchers etc (except when essential)

·       out of hours calls to staff (except in a serious emergency)