What does the Home Office want to hear? If I tell the truth, will they believe me?

In the legal branch, we’ll listen to your story. We’ll take our time and make you feel at ease. If you need food, housing advice, warm clothes, an interpreter, we’ll try to meet your need. If you’re scared because you have a history of being disbelieved or abused, we’ll try to ease your fears. We'll give you time to relax and collect your thoughts. So long as you have a serious case, we’ll do all we can to get you leave to remain. We'll also help you to navigate the legal, practical and economic challenges of acquiring status and settling in the UK.

The Legal branch works closely with the Heal and Grow branch and the Education and Training branch. At the heart of our work is you, your story and your need to rebuild your life.

Who have we helped?

A narrow escape

Benjamin is from one of the many African countries where homosexuality is punished by imprisonment. He came to London with a troupe of actors, and a fellow actor found him kissing another man. Benjamin was turned out of his hotel and had his passport and travel documents confiscated by the manager, who said he would report Benjamin to the authorities on their return.

Benjamin escaped and came to London. We spent many hours with him, calming his fears, and downloaded information that confirmed what he had told us about the troupe’s performing schedule and Benjamin’s membership of the troupe. We worked with him on his application for asylum and he was then sent to Home Office accommodation in a remote part of England where there are no solicitors dealing with asylum claims. We found a solicitor about 40 miles from where he was placed, paid for the necessary transport, and worked alongside them both to prepare the strongest statement possible. We also arranged for the Home Office to provide him with tickets so that he could travel to his substantive interview.

After an initial rejection, we supported Benjamin’s appeal and he obtained the right to remain. We helped him to get a bank account and prepare a CV, then found him temporary accommodation with the YMCA.  He was able to find himself a job and is now looking to improve his education.  

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