Sculpture Salon in Rye, East Sussex, has generously donated a collection of women's products to the Cotton Tree. 

The hair salon has given an assortment of clothing and essential toiletries to support women at the Cotton Tree with their daily needs as they rebuild their lives in the UK. 

And it was all thanks to a chance meeting at a hair salon in East Sussex. Cotton Tree trustee, Ruth Cigman, explains. 

"A few weeks ago I had my hair cut in a salon in Rye. The hairdresser and I got chatting – as one does. Her name was India and I was struck by the unusual nature of the conversation. Instead of asking ‘are you having a holiday this year?’, India asked me what I did.

"I told her about The Cotton Tree and she seemed really interested and asked loads of questions. Then she told me that the salon supported the local food bank by inviting their customers to donate food."

India then asked if the salon could help, adding that her customers would be more than willing to donate items. 

Ruth replied: "That would be amazing, thank you!" - half wondering as she gave India her mobile number whether she would ever hear from her again.

And a few weeks later, a text arrived:"We have a few things in a suitcase. When are you planning on coming back to Rye? Happy new year. India." 

The next time Ruth was in Rye she went to the salon. A ‘suitcase’ turned out to be several black bags full of coats, pillows, blankets, gorgeous women’s clothes, hair products, tampons, shoes and more.

What a great surprise! We have used the donations to create a donation bank that we offer our clients. 

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