Our inspirational art teacher Katie Sollohub has won the Derwent Art Prize!

Out of over 4,700 entries from 13 different countries, the Derwent Art First Prize went to our very own Katie for her drawing Blue Bedchamber (Strawberry Hill House).

As a friend of the Cotton Tree, Katie helped guide Cotton Tree members through a painting workshop earlier this year.

The prize judges commented: “Many congratulations on this wonderful work. There’s a lovely feeling of light and breeze to your drawing, and a very cultured hand at play. It’s not easy to make it look easy. The work evokes so much about a place and a moment in time. It captures the imagination as it seems to hover between fact and fiction. It is a compelling but quiet image that is beautifully worked.”

Katie said: “This is such a timely and welcome accolade. At a time of such uncertainty, this is just so wonderful, to give me the confidence to trust in the power of my work.”

To read a full account of drawing the Blue Bedchamber, click here.

If you would like to see the whole exhibition, why not visit the virtual gallery here.

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