Allow me the space to express how these times are about the sharing of responsibility and generosity towards each one of us…Even for those of us who have experienced a demanding hostile environment, and witnessed a neglect to the human race, the coronavirus pandemic reminds us that we are all equal and the same no matter what.

There are a lot of negative vibes on social media and the news isn’t a better option. The world had become so distant and dominated by a 'no-time' culture: no time to check on each other except perhaps to send a WhatsApp message. Some days no one even bothers to check on how you are feeling. But today, we can still look at the possibility of hope and love in our communities and the world at large.

Today we are kindly reminded to wash our hands without feeling disrespected and without any feeling of racism. We are all taking the message home. Even though we are totally divided over what is going to happen next, we have all done so well in looking after each other, which is our primary responsibility. We have seen a call for change in nations  where healthcare has been neglected, and now they are thinking of improving their own hospitals and healthcare systems rather than relying on developed nations. This will change the mentality of our people.

We may live in times of uncertainty, but there is much hope and much to live for. We pray and think of all the families and friends affected by this pandemic, and it is our responsibility to keep ourselves and our neighbours safe by following the national health guidelines.

*Lucas, a Cotton Tree Trust member

*Names changed to protect anonymity

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