Advice for everyone (COVID-19)

There is a lot of misleading information circling the internet that offers false claims and bad advice. Please only follow official advice on how to protect against Coronavirus. Here are some useful resources:

  • Doctors of the World have shared Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice for patients in 48 languages, which were produced in partnership with the British Red Cross.
  • NHS guidance
  • offers updates on lockdown and how to protect against the virus.
  • World Health Organisation’s Mythbusters

Think you have Coronavirus?

According to government guidance published 23 April, migrants do not have to pay for diagnosis or treatment of coronavirus (COVID-19). This includes if you’re tested and the result is negative. Your immigration status won’t be checked if you seek a test or treatment for coronavirus.

If any member has symptoms and is worried about visiting a hospital because of their immigration status please get in touch with The Cotton Tree.   

Coronavirus and your wellbeing

These are very anxious and uncertain times which may be adding to your feeling of stress and anxiety. But there are lots of ways to help your wellbeing. From creating a routine to keeping active, here are some links to ideas on how to cope.

Boredom busters

We have put together Boredom Buster packs for our members, each pack is unique with different activities and resources for you to enjoy.

If you can access the internet, there are many free online activities for you. Here are some ideas:

Exercise at home

Sitting on the chair too long? Here are some good resources on keeping active while in lockdown:

Find out more 

Accessing food & essentials