Like many other charities, the Cotton Tree Trust adapted its services to respond to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Although we suspended all face-to-face activities back in March 2020, we have continued to provide support to our members. This has included financial aid, deliveries of essential items and food, as well as activity packs to help keep people mentally and physically healthy. We have also created a resource page, where our members can access information wellbeing, food and support groups and even exercising at home. We are staying connected through regular online workshops and active messaging groups. Almost every day, we are in touch with our members to see how they are doing and how we can help.

At Cotton Tree we are bound by the philosophies of ubuntu (“I am a person through other people”) and eudaimonia (“good spirit”). During this crisis we are aiming to protect each other through personal and group connections.

In a nutshell: Cotton Tree COVID-19 response

We have been providing support for any members and their families, that have seen their access to food and essentials cut due to the crisis. 

  • In only a few short weeks, we delivered food parcels and provided clothes, books, toys and games to four families.
  • Overall, we have given 42 hardship grants and mobile phone credit to 18 members. Phone credit is essential for people to stay in touch with families, friends and solicitors.
  • To help our members look after their wellbeing, we provided 17 ‘Boredom Buster’ packages made up of art and writing materials, games and books.
  • Our Conversations Project has allowed staff and volunteers to keep in regular contact with members and ensure they are supported.
  • We transferred our weekly workshops to Zoom and have run sessions on myths, poetry, stories and philosophy.
  • To help our members speak about their experiences of lockdown, we commissioned a film project exploring the effects of lockdown.

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Many of our members are at risk of being affected by the spread of COVID-19 due to age and pre-existing medical conditions. Help us support them during this difficult time. 

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