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By donating to our Therapy Fund you are helping asylum seekers and refugees process and understand their traumas. Find out more about life as an asylum seeker by reading below. 

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Like love, sadness can bring you closer to you, helping you to shape a new destiny.

But you may need some help…

Phillipa was sold by her parents to human traffickers at the age of 13. She lived as a slave in the UK for many years and eventually escaped. For years she suffered from suicidal depression. The Cotton Tree paid for her to see a therapist, who helped her to find a space for sadness and reflection. Phillipa was able to go to college and move on with her life.

“It would be a poor result of all our anguish and wrestling if we won nothing but our old selves at the end of it – if we could return to the same blind loves, the same self-confident blame, the same light thoughts of human suffering…." George Eliot

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