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By donating to our Education Fund you are helping asylum seekers and refugees continue their education and rebuild their lives in the UK. Find out more about who we have helped by reading below. 

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What happens when your studies are interrupted?

We first met Reeva when she was seeking asylum and caring for her three-year old daughter.

Unfortunately, she had lost touch with her daughter's father. The Cotton Tree helped Reeva find the father of her child and he agreed to support her asylum claim in the interests of his daughter. 

Determined to improve her own and her daughter’s life, Reeva used this support to claim study rights and apply to college. She also applied for free nursery care, and she was successful in all these applications. However, the nursery care wasn’t sufficient to cover her time at college, and her former partner wasn’t able to offer any further help. We are now supporting Reeva to pay for nursery fees while she studies English and Mathematics. 

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