Local help

All around the UK are local groups that are co-ordinating volunteers to get food and essentials to people who need it.

You can also look for support through Facebook groups set up for your local area. Some groups or volunteers may post about the services they offer or you can ask for help finding a local volunteer group.

Food banks & other services

If you cannot afford food, search online for your local food bank or find a food bank on the Trussell Trust website.


Many supermarkets have changed their service to help those who are vulnerable to coronavirus.

  • Click here to see more on individual supermarket policies.

Ramadan during Covid-19

  • The Virtual Iftar is an online initiative to encourage Muslims (and others) to come together to break fast, share food and share conversation. To see more and find out how to engage visit: Open Iftar
  • Also, the British Muslim Council has produced this information leaflet for Ramadan during Covid-19.

Phone credit 

Do you need phone credit? Contact Phone credit for refugees and you can get a top up of about £10 to £20. 

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Looking after your wellbeing